Hey! I am Feo :)

After retiring from a career as a professional swimmer and not knowing what to do with myself I decided to take some time to enjoy life and travel the world. During that time I learned how to cook so that I could work through my travels. Seven years later I found myself on another fork in the road and decided to cross the Rubicon by completing a User Experience Design course at BrainStation in Toronto. I like to think that there are many similarities between being a cook and a designer. Sometimes the products that UX designers and cooks create seem under-appreciated. When the end result is seamlessly functional or absolutely delicious, people often don’t notice because they already expect for the product to work nicely, or for the food to be tasty. But when we see people delighted by our product and using them with smiles on their faces, it is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.

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